Information and Automation Technology

About the study on our department in English

All of subjects of our specialization are offered in the Erasmus program as well and they have regular classes (only our specialization = Information and Automation Technology and two other specialization - Power and Process Technology and Environmental Technology can be studied this way, the rest of the specializations can be studied only by consultation = self study methods).

Because of the Erasmus students, many of our subjects are little expanded by adding some kind of introduction. As a result, some of them have more hours per week and even more credits. You will get more then 30 credits per semester, but the study should be even easier for you.

In the list, all of the subjects are opened for the Erasmus students (their content can be found on the Erasmus page), except Project and the Thesis (individual work of students).

State exams, diploma thesis and all "paper work" should be exclusively in English.

Final note: the recommended study plan has still status of an "individual study plan". You can ask about modification during the sixth semester, but please consult us about possible problems. You can get permit to replace nearly any of the subjects, but we cannot change the State exam questions. Many of our subjects are important for passing the final state exams.

You can send any guestion to