Programming courses offered by ICE

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E371530 Java Programming
Basic course of programming, lectures mostly independent on language, training on computers in Java

E371531 Pascal Programming (Delphi)
Basic course of programming; Delphi is not so popular at this time, but this is very powerful RAD environment allowing to create an application very fast, using the Visual Programming methods.

E371526 Algorithms for Engineering Informatics
Course of algorithms use and development. Can be subscribed together with the Pascal or Java, in other case it requires basic programming ability.

E371129 Object Oriented Programming
Course of OOP, including messages, exceptions and help creation. Requires basic programming ability on the level of passing the basic course.

E371012 Program Systems
Databases, DLL, streams, component programming, ports on PC. Requires knowledge on the level of passing OOP.

E375004 Python for Scientific Computations and Control
Mostly concentrated on the Python use for a control of devices such is interface cards, connected to a PC by the USB. Real models connected to the PCs in our Automatic control laboratory.

E375002 Programming for web
E371087 Programming for web
Separate course - application in php, using Javascript and SQL.
How to create an application fast and easy by use the Google. Students have to understand, how their programs work, not to write them complete. Even contemporary car producer doesn't produce everything, for example: most of them is used to buy tires, not to produce it.
E375002 is without examination (project only) and on our faculty represents undergraduate course, while the E371087 is a graduate (master, in Czech "magister") level.

List of courses for the Erasmus and the exchange students from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague, 2013/2014

How to subscribe this courses, Link to Prospectus page of the Czech Technical University in Prague, 2013/2014
(From the text about accommodation one can decide, that it is better to arrive with a colleague - most rooms are for two or three students).