E371531 Pascal Programming (Delphi)

(not all documents presented)

Examples for training from the Czech version ( http://www.fsid.cvut.cz/cz/u12110/aii/ ) are on the end of this page.

Using Delphi in our department computer classroom no. 308 will be explained individually. You can also have a copy of the Delphi on your notebook (Delphi 7 Personal can be downloaded and activated using internet, or you can use the Lazarus). Please, contact Vladimir Hlaváč on the e-mail: Hlavac@fs.cvut.cz, if you will have a problem with it.
This task (prepare programs for use) is main on the first training. Not any text has been prepared for this; if you start later, ask individual consultation.

One of text recommended for our Czech students is in English too (Essential Delphi, other texts by Marco Cantu).

A good list of online Delphi tutorials is on the Delphi land page.

Copy of a good book "Teach yourself Delphi in 21 days" is sometimes on the web. Try the address of Cesis (Latvian), or try ask the Google about this book.

Very useful texts (tutorials, or the Delphi procedures and function explanation is on the DelphiBasics page from Neil Moffatt. Now, I would recommend you to visit this site as the first.

Doc. Kokeš (the lecturer) recommends two following on-line textbooks:

OnLine Pascal (created by students in George Woodbury's Math 17 class at the College of the Sequoias)

Pascal Programming (Brian Brown/Peter Henry/CIT 1987-1997) (mirror here).

Another interesting texts:

www.pascal-programming.info from Victor John Saliba, 2006 (describes Turbo Pascal v5.5, from 1988)

Learn Pascal by Tao Yue, 2011 (only Pascal, no Delphi, as a previous example).


The maze: Path Finding Algorithms (A* (Manhatan), Dijkstra, Bi-Directional BFS)

Prepared classes:

The first program

Numerical variables

The Timer, events

Arrays (the matrix for programmers)

Working with texts

Cycles, sorting

The second form

OnMouseMove, Canvas.

Canvas - more functions

Draw a graph (sinus)

Output to a printer

Dynamic data structures

Not all created as web page (to motivate students to visit courses). Missing parts or complete themes are: Procedures, debugging, trees, quicksort (only bubblesort, shakesort and quicksort are part of training, other methods only on lectures), introduction to OOP. You can guess, when they come.