Guidelines for the diploma thesis / bachelor work.

Draft of the final proposition

Entering the final draft drawn up in agreement with your potential supervisor and pass the Mrs.Sedlecká (mostly through your supervisor). In order to not forget something, we prepared form for definitive entry BW / DT (Czech only, consult your supervisor).

How to submit a thesis:

  1. The minimum number of copies is 2,
  2. The thesis must contain an inserted CD with the entire text of thesis or bachelor work (preferably in the pdf). It may also include other attachments, such as the translated application, the measured data or source code programs, but it is not necessary.
  3. Prior to submission of the thesis you must fill the annotation (abstract) and upload your thesis to the study information system, KOS (
  4. Your thesis supervisor has to confirm in the KOS, that he accept your thesis.
  5. Reviewer is required to pass "judgment mandates" that you must take when submitting the thesis to the secretariat (not applicable to the reviewers from our faculty).
  6. You have the right to see the reviewer report and the supervisor's opinion a week before the thesis/bachelor work defending. In this time, your thesis and reviews should be laid on the department for anyone interested to look in.
  7. You should prepare the groundwork for an opinion for comment or reviewer's questions..
  8. After you have got all your creditals (including thesis assessment), you can apply for state exam with Mrs. Jordakova. It should be at least a week before state exam. In problematic situation, it is possible to defend thesis only, and finish your study by state exam in the next semester. In this case, consult me, please.

The content of the thesis/bachelor work


In quotations, keep the rules current in the technical literature.