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Instrumentation and Control Engineering

List of recommended subjects and the explanation of this list

Because of scope of our specialization (mostly informatics and process control), for the most of the subjects you can use standard literature of U.S. universities. We still hope, that students don't need them, if they visit lectures regularly. At the present time, only the Automatic Control (code E371047, equivalent of the standard Process Control subject) has our own textbook in English. Some subjects have own English web pages (see end of this page), for the others you can get a copy of some materials from your lecturer.

About research on our department

State exam questions and diploma thesis recommendation

For more info about study of the Mechanical Engineering in Prague (accommodation, visa etc.) write to

For more info about any of our subjects, you should write to their lecturers; to identify them, or for more info about our specialization, write me (

Czech Technical University is participating in the Eduroam project (25 access points at Dejvice (fully covered), 8 at Charles square). All our students can use WiFi on all places, where Eduroam is available (worldwide). On our dormitories, wired connection is possible too. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has about ten computer classrooms, which can be used by students for free access (they are used for classes in about 30%), but printing is not for free. More info about network on FME.

National Technical Library is in the university campus, next to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Dejvice.

You can visit Prague virtually on the or by using Google Streetview.

Selected list of subjects with own English web page:

Database and Knowledgebased Systems | Databases (bachelor level course)

Programming for Web


Engineering Psychology

Computer Network Administration

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Pascal Programming (Delphi)

(many of our subjects are now on the Moodle server and locked for use by local users only)