Example of our research

From some of our recent project, we have got some materials for our short presentation. For more information, ask the appropriate person.


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Research and implementation of algorithms for automatically guided vehicles

Control algorithms for automatically guided vehicles are developed and tested in scope of theses on the department. Those algorithms have been implemented and experimentally tested on an car model controlled over a Wi-Fi link.

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jaroslav Novak CSc. (Email: Jaroslav.Novak@fs.cvut.cz )

Model with automatic guided vehicles


The development of optical methods for measuring properties of fluids

Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering cooperates with the Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR on the development of methods of optical and optomechanical device for measuring properties of fluids. The cooperation has been developed for measuring the condensation shock tube device for measuring the surface tension of liquids or overcooled patented method of measuring the position and size of spherical objects in space using a single camera.

Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Jan Hosek Ph.D. (Email: Jan.Hosek@fs.cvut.cz )

Determining the positions and sizes of spherical bubbles using optical anamorphote


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European project SEAT

The Center for Applied Cybernetics in cooperating with other experts is working on an EU project aimed to remove stress from passengers in air transportation. The researched area is control of passenger breathed air humidity and individual humidity control of air supply for each passenger. Together with this application specific research the group has achieved significant results in micro-climate control in historical buildings.

More on www.sea-project.org

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Pavel Zítek Dr.Sc. (Email: Pavel.Zitek@fs.cvut.cz )

CFD model of distribution of humidified air in the cabin


Virtual laboratory of Automatic Control

Practical skills with simple training systems can be obtained also remotely from a student room (or bed) via our virtual laboratory available on our web site. Systems behave alike real systems and the tasks are superbly instructed so the following work with a real laboratory task is only a verification of the acquired knowledge. Orientation in the virtual laboratory is very descriptive and contributes significantly to understanding of automatic control.

Web site: http://vlab.fsid.cvut.cz/

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Milan Hofreiter CSc. (Email: Milan.Hofreiter@fs.cvut.cz )

Description: A bat

The role of virtual window "Position control bathyscaphe"


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Universal microphotometer

Apparatus for digitizing image information detected by the photographic material. The device was made based on double-axis measuring microscope from Carl Zeis Jena ZKM250. The principle of the work consists in measuring the optical density areas on the elementary photographic material, size approx 10x10 µm. Collecting information about the physical processes occurring on the observed object.

Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Josef Zicha CSc. (Email: Josef. Zicha@fs.cvut.cz )



This system is used to measure pressure distribution in biomechanical systems. The tested person acts on the sensor and based on the imprint it is possible to determine defects not only on lower extremities and vertebrae but also indirect symptoms of diabetes and some psychosomatic particularities. The sensor was created by prof. Volf and his colleagues and students and is in pilot operation in hospitals in Czech Republic. The hardware and software belongs to state of the art technology in this field and is one of the world's best.

Visit the project web page

  Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jaromir Volf Dr.Sc. (Email: Jaromír.Volf@fs.cvut.cz )

Sample evaluation of pressure distribution


Control system for 10MW combined heat and power plant, Bali, Indonesia

This is the furthermost and most extensive application of division of electrical engineering created between 1997 - 2002. Construction and expansion from 1997 to 2003. Project manager, switchboard designer and hardware designer Prof. Uhlíř, designers and programmers Doc. Chyský, Ing. L. Novák and Ing. P. Buřič. It was followed by Student Exchange Program with Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia until 2008 carried out by 33 of our students.

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Ivan Uhlir Dr.Sc. (Email: Ivan.Uhlir@fs.cvut.cz )

Engine room with six power plants Diesel Skoda 6 x 1.5 MW


National development program

Together with ENKI company and experts from University of Southern Bohemia in České Budějovice we work in the framework of a national development program on determining conditions of a sustainable balance in natural systems. Natural equilibrium and its renewal is significantly disturbed by human activity and it is therefore necessary to measure those influences and predict possible damage.

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jiří Bíla Dr.Sc. (Email: Jiri.Bila@fs.cvut.cz )

Monitored countryside around Trebon with 12 measuring stations


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Sunlight simulator

Device developed in cooperation with ENKI company allows testing of large scale optical grids used in civil engineering and architecture as intelligent sun-blinds for shading direct sun light or as optics on solar panels for water heating.

Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Čáp, Ph.D. (Email: Jiri.Cap@fs.cvut.cz )

Sunlight simulator


Controller with touch screen

It is a universal process controller with color LCD video screen with touch panel. The device is designed to operate with a relatively small number of measured and manipulated variables, has a galvanically isolated analog and digital inputs / outputs. Required course process can be set on the PC. The controller is designed especially for managing the operation of small breweries.

Supervisor: Ing. Martin Novák Ph.D. (Email: Martin.Novak@fs.cvut.cz )

Description: The regulated-2

Sample screen controller


Description: adplot

·    System Identification

·    Adaptable management

·    Fault Detection

·    Prediction of unexpected conditions

·    Balancing (refinement) measured real data

Development and application of neural networks

Department of Instrumentation and Control is actively involved in international collaboration (Canada, China, Japan) to develop new types of artificial neural networks and their applications. Artificial neural architecture includes the application of automatic control over energy, to biomedical applications. The theses are designed neural applications for tasks management, identification, and monitoring of complex systems.

Supervisor: Ing. Ivo Bukovsky Ph.D. (Email: Ivo.Bukovsky@fs.cvut.cz )


LED based light for microscopy

Several theses have been prepared to innovate technical instruments for modern microscopy in biology. Some of them have also been experimentally verified with prototype instruments. Most of the theses where done by students in branch of Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering also partially guaranteed by our department..

Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Čáp Ph.D. (Email: Jiri.Cap@fs.cvut.cz )

Description: FINAL

LED illuminator for microscopy


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Laboratory of programmable logic

Here you will learn principles of manufacturing and process automation; practical skills backed by systematical approach will allow you to create algorithms for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), design applications with sensors, control and actuating elements current in modern technologies and to develop visualizations of industrial systems.

Supervisor: Ing. Marie Martinásková Ph.D. (Email: Marie.Martinaskova@fs.cvut.cz )

Manipulator model


Development of measuring equipment

The staff of the department develops special measuring equipment for technical practice. In cooperation with Department of Mechanics equipment for measuring of corrosive shrinkage on long distance gas lines was developed. It allows to perform measurement on most diameters used in Czech Republic and measures on areas up to 550 x 300 mm in 165000 point..

Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Čáp Ph.D. (Email: Jiri.Cap@fs.cvut.cz )

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Equipment for measuring the corrosion loss


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Energy simulations on optical grids

In cooperation with ENKI company a special software for simulation of energy and optic properties of large scale optical grids was developed. It allows to design and optimize optical grids for civil engineering and architecture by computing transmissivity and reflectivity based on daily sun motion cycle and grid bearing.

Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Čáp Ph.D. (Email: Jiri.Cap@fs.cvut.cz )

Simulation of optical grids


Traffic management and emergency conditions in the tunnel


Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jiří Bíla Dr.Sc. (email: Jiri.Bila@fs.cvut.cz )

Visualization of the tunnel


Description: St.. Cross - Karlstejn

Control of humidity and temperature in the Chapel of the Holy Cross in the Karlstejn Castle

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Pavel Zítek Dr.Sc. (Email: Pavel.Zitek@fs.cvut.cz )

Chapel of the Holy Cross at Karlstejn


Management of complex systems with time delay


Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Tomás Vyhlídal Ph.D. (Email: Tomas.Vyhlidal@fs.cvut.cz )

Description: Golem

System with time delay




Laboratory of micro-manufacturing

The laboratory of micro-manufacturing was equipped at the end of 2009 with an unique electro-erosive machine SODICK AP1 L allowing to manufacture very precise and fine details both on macroscopic parts like details on compression molds and production of micro-components and micro-systems as well. During first half of 2010 functional tests were done and hole and slot grids for optical components as well as design and manufacture of a microscope micro-grabbing system were prepared.

Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Jan Hosek Ph.D. (Email: Jan.Hosek@fs.cvut.cz )

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Biomass furnace control

Economical and ecological improvements for biomass furnaces are part of a research program Development of ecologically tactful energetics where a significant part is done by students of the department. Research results based on experiments with prototype furnaces where the research is based on optimal combustion process control first modeled in simulations and then experimentally verified including cooling water circuit have obtained foreign acceptance and where a thesis subject for student from Tampere University..

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Bohumil Sulc CSc.(Email: Bohumil.Sulc@fs.cvut.cz )

Technological scheme for biomass boilers


The development model of photosynthesis and growth of algal cultures

Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering (PRT) in conjunction with the Center for Applied Cybernetics (CAK) at the Czech Technical University in Prague together with the Institute for Systems Biology and Ecology (USBE) in the Nové Hrady town have developed model of photosynthesis and growth of algal cultures and their adaptation to cyclic changes of light, i.e. diurnal cycles. This cooperation is especially focused on modeling the dynamics of growth in the so-called circadian rhythms. All experiments run on miniphotobioreactor produced by the Photon Systems Instruments, Ltd.

Responsibility: Assoc. Ing. Ladislav Nedbal PhD. (USBE) and prof. Ing. Pavel Zitek, Dr.Sc. (Email: Pavel.Zitek@fs.cvut.cz ).

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Prototype photobioreactor culture


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Holography is a Hi-Tec method of image recording. Hologram (holographic image) allows to see the snaped object, including the third dimension.

Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering offers a study of optics, which includes the subject of holography. Students will learn to create Holograms and gain knowledge about their use:

· For precise measurements

· As the imaging elements (holographic lenses)

· In microscopy

· As protective elements

· For the data storage

· For commercial purposes

Supervisor: Ing. Sarka Nemcova Ph.D. (Email: Sarka.Nemcova@fs.cvut.cz )

student work
an exercise in object holography


Solenoid valves for fire

The Institute of Instrumentation and Control Engineering has developed a dedicated magnet with a large stroke and high strength for release fire damper duct. Electromagnet meets the required properties can be easily produced with minimal economic cost.

Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Jiri Stastny CSc. (Email: Jiri.Stastny@fs.cvut.cz ).

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Prototype solenoid valves for fire



Universal power unit

Unusual arrangement of the magnetic circuit provides a novel series of new design possibilities - such as the location of the rotor part of the action - in harmful corrosive environments.

Cooperation, development, implementation of functional models of small electrical engines with power of 5 W - 3 kW

Supervisor: Ing. Josef Vlcek PhD. (Email: Josef.Vlcek@fs.cvut.cz )

The prototype motor


Management of high-speed drives

The research projects in collaboration with some other departments of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering solve new high-speed synchronous motor drives usable in cars and in the energy microgeneration with combustion turbines. Research work was carried out for the speed to 40 000 1/min and performances about 3 kW at present. We are testing a new device for up to about 7 kW.

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jaroslav Novak CSc. (Email: Jaroslav.Novak@fs.cvut.cz )


High-speed engine dynamometer